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How much does it cost for all the kit that goes with a motorbike?

I live in England. I%26#039;m trying to figure out how much to budget for safety gear and kit that isn%26#039;t part of a motorbike or moped.

If I do this, I%26#039;m not prepared to do the basic legal minimum. I%26#039;d like a helmet (of course), leathers, boots, gloves, and armour. I%26#039;m thinking £600-700, does that sound about right?

I%26#039;m not interested in racing 600cc bikes at silly speeds- I want to travel in a city centre or occasional link roads at 40-50mph. Traffic is too thick for a car to work, and I%26#039;m an on call doctor so public transport and walking are out.

Yes, motorbikes/mopeds are riskier than cars. But it%26#039;s less risky than being on a less weighty bicycle (which is what I do now). Motorbikes can absorb impact better than bicycles, can accelerate out of danger and I%26#039;d have proper safety clothes and a better helmet than when I cycle. Please don%26#039;t post stuff about the dangers. I used to work in A%26amp;E so I know full well. I%26#039;d just like polite answers to my question please.

How much does it cost for all the kit that goes with a motorbike?
£600-700 is right in the market to get you started. As you go along, you%26#039;ll buy more for each season. Being in sunny olde England, you%26#039;ll want something that keeps you dry as well as safe. If you shop around, you can get a full set of gear that will do the trick. For your budget, leather jacket and pants are out of range, but the textile stuff is actually better suited to a commuter, anyway. You can wear it over your work clothes.

A quick search online found these prices...

Helmet: Full face, ACU %26amp; ECE 22-05 approved.

Example: Nolan N62 Classic - Black - £98.99

Other good brands - HJC

Jacket: At least 600 denier Nylon, waterproof liner, CE-armour.

Example: Joe Rocket Ballistic 6.0 Jacket - £140.00

Pants: Textile overpants, with waterproof liner + armor

Example: Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 Pants - £98.99

Gloves: Leather, waterproof, with knuckle armor

Example: Alpinestars SR-3 Drystar Gloves - £34.95

Boots: leather, over the ankle, waterproof, with ankle bone protection

Example: Gaerne Explorer - £152.99
Reply:HI ,new or used? A good textile/leather or just textile jacket £100 ,boots £150 ,denims/textile trousers £100 ,good quality helmet £200/300 more for the comfort/ventilation than a cheaper model ,are you trying to use them all year round?
Reply:the amount you suggest is about right. Assuming you want reasonable quality.....

Helmet about 200 - 250

leathers about 300

gloves 50

boots 50 - 120

waterproofs: jacket 40, trousers 30
Reply:I think your right.
Reply:Sounds ok, check e-bay
Reply:I live in US so im dont know if it will help but here is estemate in US dollars

Helmet- 100-150$ for a full face helmet (brain buckets are a lil cheaper)

gloves- 30-50$

Jacket with pads(armour i guess)- i got mine for $125 but some cost up to $400+

boots- any boot that goes past your ankles into your pants will be safe so what ever you prefer im sure you know the prices for boots.

Leather pants are pretty much unessciary if you are not going fast i mean they could always help but jeans would be sufficant for speeds 40-50mph but leather pants are pretty expensive, they also make riding jeans with hard pads to slide on the ground for about $100

hope that helps

C++ Function

What if Spiderman 3 and The Punisher went like this instead of the trash we got?

Now if there is gonna be anyone who wants to be smart and say %26quot;This is too much to read! Noone is gonna respond to that%26quot; Then don%26#039;t read it or responde thank you!!!! But for those who like a read, read this..

This is the way SPiderman 3 should have went in my eyes. Not only is this my version of Spiderman 3, but it%26#039;s also my version of a true Punisher reboot. This movie would have been the first to ever feature the comic book character, The Punisher before he is in his own movies since he began as a SPiderman sub character. So here it is. The plot would be Peter is trying to think of a way to propose to MJ. While walking throuch Central park one night, a comit hits about 5 miles away. Peter goes to investegate. The symbiot sneeks into his backpack. Then he goes to see MJ%26#039;s new play. After it is done, everyone apllaus with joy at her performance and him and MJ go back stage to plan a dinner. After that, on his way home in the alley, Peter gets ambushed by Harry in his Green Goblin costume. Underestimating SPiderman, Harry gets defeated and is badly injured. Peter goes home and sleeps and that when the symbiot merges into him. Next morning, police sirens go off and we cut to the next scene where 2 criminals are running through a house thats abandoned. It is revealed that they are running from a guy in a one peice black armored suit with a white skull on his chest and wearing white combat boots with white gloves(Punisher%26#039;s classic suit). One guy bails out a window and the other gets caught up by Punisher. As P is about to extract private justice on the man, the floor breaks beneath the criminal and he falls to the first floor conveantly(spelling) in front of the cops. Peter goes into work and is introduced to a new employee. A big muscled bound man named Eddie Brock. As with Harry, he is now building a new amor suit and upgrading weapons while recovering from a broken leg. He wants vengence on SPiderman. However, he realizes he might not have to do the deed directly. With the military connections he has, he goes to an ex specail op who recommends him a number to a man named micro chip. Harry comes up with a plan to incriminate SPiderman to make it look legit. He sends info that SPiderman has been using his status of trust from the city to undergoe his own enterprise and take money from charities and banks. Micro chip sends all this information to The Punisher. Next night, police sirens go off and Peter chooses his new black outfit to go fight crime. Since this black outfit brings out the ungliness in him, he beats 3 criminals nearly to death. Acting out of character, he retreats to a side of a skyscrapper to look at the engagement ring that he wants to give to MJ. Thinking about what is happening to him, a gun shot goes off. A bullet misses his head by inches. Followed by an arsonall of gun fire, SPiderman leaps around for safety. He goes to a roof top, but not to his knowledge, triggers off a nearby anti personel mine. It explodes and the force knocks SPiderman on his back leaving him disoriented. He sees a figure appraoch him with a gun fixing on his head. He says, %26quot;who are you?!%26quot; SPiderman%26#039;s senses go off allowing him to dodge an oncomming bullet and he sweaps the man on his back and flings a web at him. %26quot;Look buddy! I don%26#039;t know what your game is but you need a time out!%26quot; Quickly, The Punisher shoots SPiderman with a dart coated with a lethal venom which because of SPiderman%26#039;s body chemestry, only weakens him to a normal human strength which aloows the Punisher to undergo hand to hand combat with SPiderman in which he wipes the floor with the inexperienced kid. Then the venom wears off and at full strength, SPiderman punches the Punisher 15 feets away from him. The 2 not being able to out do eachother, part ways that night. In work, Peter and Eddie are trying to get a story from a man who knows the wearabouts of a psychopathic killer(not the punisher). Peter recommends that Eddie just take the story and shows him who to go to(not knowing the man he directs him to is just a blabbering idiot). After Eddie gets the story, Joan Jameson wants the story of a New York vigilanty covered and also finds out that the coverage Eddie comes up with is fake and has him fired. Eddie hating PEter for is direction will play a part in the 4th where it is Eddie%26#039;s ark when he finds out A: he has cancer, B: his father disowns him, and C: he comes in contact with the symbiot. Spiderman hears a call comming in from the police that hostages have been taken and are on the bridge. Not only does SPiderman take the call, but not to his knowledge, so has the Punisher. Without knowing it, the 2 team up to save the inncocent and defeat the bad guys. However during all this, SPiderman sees how this man takes the law into his own hands. It croses his mind that this man fights crime by doing evil but why is he trying to kill SPiderman? After everyone is saved, Punisher fixes his attention on Spiderman in a scene where breath taking action takes place as the 2 fight for about 7 minutes. Spiderman towards the end, kicks the Punisher in the chest, knocking him out. He then picks up a pipe and is about to inpale this man with it. Then he steps back and drops the pipe knowing that all this bad energy has come from the symbiot. A church bell goes off and Peter sense that the suit is uncomfortable with it. In agony, he leave the unconcious assasin and goes home to think things through. LAter that night, Peter comes up with the idea of maybe that can be a way to get rid of the symbiot. He goes to church and hits the bell over and over unti the creature seperates itself from him. Then it faster than light, disappears into the darkness(cliffhaner scene for the 4th movie). After all is done, Peter goes to Aunt May. While all this is happening, after what MJ has seen on the new about this man trying to kill Spiderman, she spots him in an alley and follows him quietly to one of his hideouts. She then confronts him about as to why he is trying to murder the savior of the city. He tells her the information he has, and that it came directly from a man named Harry. MJ nearly collapses from finding that out. She runs to Peter to tell im everything. Now Peter must find a way to clear his name. (I%26#039;m open to suggestions on this part as to how he does that. I ofcoures cannot respond to you but after all, this is just for fun.) After that, the next time the 2 meet, Punisher tells him that he has been dooped into beleive SPiderman was a crminal and seems to be remorsefull about it at the same time wanting blood from Harry Osborne. Spiderman askes him again, who he is. The man responds, my name is Frank Castle. The 2 team up in order to find Harry who is not at home. Harry has completed his Hob Goblin suit and has captured Joan Jameson and Gwan Stacy(he does%26#039;nt catpure MJ because they are friends and does%26#039;nt want to put her in harms way. So he goes for other people Peter would want to help.) The climatic battler sequence between SPider/Punisher vs. Hobgoblin would be about 12 minutes of breath taking epic action leaving Harry wounded in the gut by a armor piercing bullet and SPiderman swing kicking him to the ground. As Harry lays there bleeding but survivable, Frank and Spiderman goes and rescue Jaon and Gwen who are hangin from a rope 100 feet above the ground. After they have them to safety, Frank goes over to the wounded Harry.

Harry: So you%26#039;ve come to finish me?

Frank: Somethin like that.

He fixes the gun to his head and then SPiderman steps infront to try to plead with Frank to spare his life.

Spiderman: Please! He needs help! He%26#039;s my friend. Let me tak him in!

Frank: Why? So he can get put into the system as a crazy man and get out in 2? He is a menace and needs to be put down.

Spiderman: Please!!! LEt him go.

With the thoughts of SPiderman and how he almost killed him a few times, Frank breaks down a and thinks over his actions.

He looks down and his face changes from the signature snear to a very human Frank. He raises his head and looks at SPiderman.

Frank: I didn%26#039;t want this. To become this. I did%26#039;nt have a choice.

Spiderman: We always have a choice. You have a choice when you commit evil to defeat evil.

Frank: I had a family once. We we having picnic at Central Park one afternoon to celebrate my homecomming from my tour in the Persian Gulf. Then a gangland shooting happened. The Gambino brothers shot an informant. Not wanting to leave any witnesses behind, they shot me and my family. My wife Maria. My children Janice and Frank Jr. I woke up in the hospital after being in a coma for 3 weeks. They told me my wife dies on the scene and my kids died hours after. The police had the 2 in custody and wre waiting for me to regain me strenght so I could testify. When the time came, I took the stand and afterwards, the judge let them off on a technecality. The men that took my family away from me were going to walk free. Something inside of me changed. I realized the law can%26#039;t always protect the innocent. So I took it into my own hands and later that night, I killed tha Gambino brothers and have waged a war on crime. A war I know I wont win. But a war I will fight till the day I die. Ive done terrible things to you. I wish I could take them back. Im not asking you to forgive me. I%26#039;m just hoping you can understand me.

Spiderman: Ive done terrible things too. I also lost my Unlce from a shooting........

Frank: I didn%26#039;t choose to be this. Theres nothing left now.

Spiderman%26quot;...... I forgive you. You were giving a second chance Frank.

Frank: Frank Castle is dead........ call me..... The Punisher.

In the end, SPiderman takes injure Harry to the hospital and protects his identiy as the man who kidnapped Jaon and Gwen.

I put some time into this. Whether you like it or not, the only thing I ask in return is can you give me a good nice long response? Thats what I look foward to the most. Thanks fellow SPiderman fans:)

What if Spiderman 3 and The Punisher went like this instead of the trash we got?
Good story, I especially like how you had Frank aka the Punisher explain why he kills criminals it made it pretty interesting. This would of been good for a movie but if I%26#039;m not mistaken The Punisher has had a movie or 2 they just didn%26#039;t come out that recently. Maybe you could just submit this for a movie plot to the guys who are gonna direct Spiderman 4. They%26#039;re probably going to make the Spiderman movies keep on going until they can%26#039;t get any more money out of it.
Reply:That was good as a fanfic but it wouldn%26#039;t be better than Spidey3 or The Punisher. Report It

Reply:OK, no one will read this nerd fan-fiction lol.
Reply:wow!huge, sorry i did not read it because it too longgggggggg!!!!! but i think it might be!
Reply:yeah way but i read the end parts to much to read but you would be an awesome some writer and if i were a director i would for sure go with your work


Homemade halloween costumes ideas (look or else) muhaha!?

Here are some of (SOME) of my homemade halloween costume ideas for one person and groups! ENJOY (OR ELSE)

Btw hope yall have a happy halloween

One person costumes:

1. Ghost

Don’t just stick the sheet over your head! Instead, cut a neck hole from an old sheet and wear it over your body. Take a second sheet, and drape and pin it (like a toga) to add a floaty, ghostly flair. Powder your face and your hair white, and drape light chains over your shoulders.

2. Witch

To make a witch’s hat from poster board, cut one large circle for the brim, then cut out the space where the head will fit. Cut another large circle, and cut a slit into the center of the circle. Also cut one-inch slits all around the outside of the circle to make tabs. Wrap this circle around to make a cone, then attach the cone to the brim with the tabs (use masking tape to hold the tabs). Spray paint the entire hat black. Wear black flowing clothes and striped leggings.

3. Mummy

Cut strips of off-white fabric, like muslin or cheesecloth, and wrap around the arms, legs, body, and head, but make sure the mummy can see and breathe!

4. Zombie

Take any old clothes and distress them by fraying the edges and dusting with talcum powder. Pick a theme---you could be a zombie groom, cheerleader, or waitress.

5. Skeleton

Using white or glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, paint a skeleton onto black sweats. Use face paints to make your face look like a skull.

6. Vampire

Wrap a large piece of dark velvet around your neck for a cape. Pin in place with an old brooch. Wear dark clothes in romantic fabrics like crushed velvet and satin.

7. Cat

Start with a leotard and tights. Make a tail by stuffing a tube of fabric. Ears are easy to make from a headband and cardboard. You can also use fake fur for the ears and tail or to trim the leotard. Use face paint to make your eyes look cat-like and to add whiskers.

8. Dog

Add felt spots to a white or brown sweatsuit. Make floppy dog ears out of felt, and hot glue them to a headband. Paint a puppy dog face, complete with a big spot around one eye, to complete the costume.

9. Bumblebee or Ladybug

Paint poster board to look like the body and wings of a bumblebee or ladybug. Wear with leotard and tights to match, and attach wires to a headband for antennae.

10. Butterfly

Sew two long pieces of bright, shimmery fabric down the back of a long-sleeved leotard. Sew the other end of each piece to the underside of a sleeve, so that when you lift your arms, your wings flutter out. Add antennae.

11. Spider

Wear black clothes. Make six tubes of black fabric, and sew three on each side of your shirt or leotard. Tie each set of three legs together with strings, and attach the strings to your shirt sleeves so that when you move your arms, all of your legs move, too.

12. Nun

A nun’s habit is a basic black tunic (a shapeless dress with long sleeves). If you have a sewing machine, then you can make a tunic! Look online for patterns. Add a white collar to the habit. Then, measure a strip of white poster board to fit around your head, and hot glue black fabric to this strip. Bobby-pin the poster board to your hair.

13. Friar or Monk

Make a brown tunic, and wrap a simple rope around the waist.

14. Lady in Waiting

Make a simple, velvet tunic dress, or look in thrift stores for a long-sleeved, floor-length, dress. Wrap gold cording under the bustline to create an Empire waist, and crisscross the cording in front. Make a cone hat (like for the witch’s hat, only leave off the brim), and attach a translucent scarf to the top of the hat.

15. Fairy

Make a short, sleeveless tunic in a light, flowing fabric, or wear a leotard and a tulle skirt (which you can make by stitching gathered tulle to a strip of elastic). You can make wings by bending coat hangers into the desired shape and covering with white pantyhose. Tie the wings to the body by crossing in front and wrapping under the bustline.

16. Angel

Make a short, sleeveless tunic dress, similar to the fairy’s, or wear light, flowing clothes. Make a halo from tinsel garland. Follow the fairy directions for wings.

17. Devil

Sculpt horns from papier mache or plaster of paris strips (you can find this in any craft or hobby store). Attach these to a headband with additional papier mache or plaster of paris strips, and paint red. You can also make a pitchfork from the same material, and attach to a wooden dowel or a broomstick handle.

18. Fairy Godmother

Begin with an existing secondhand prom dress or any shiny, sparkly skirt and a leotard. Then gather fabric (tulle, satin, or any shimmery material) around your waist, and stitch or staple it so that it drapes down the skirt. Create a wand and a crown from any stiff paper, and decorate with paint, rhinestones, sequins, and glitter.

19. Statue of Liberty

Use light green fabric to make a toga. Make the crown from cardboard. For her torch, use a toilet paper tube painted to match the fabric, and glue red and orange tissue paper to the top for flames.

20. Roman Athlete

Wear a toga, and make a laurel wreath from fake leaves. Wear plain sandals, or try spray painting sandals gold and crisscrossing gold cord around your legs.

21. Father Time

Cut a sickle out of cardboard and spray paint it silver. Glue it onto a long wooden rod (like a broom handle). Wear a black toga, and carry the sickle and a clock or an hourglass.

22. Mother Nature

Wear a neutral-toned, long-sleeved leotard and tights. Drape shimmering, translucent blue and green fabric like a toga and safety pin to the leotard. Attach fake flowers and leaves to the draped fabric, and tuck a few flowers behind your ear.

23. Caveman or Cavewoman

Make a toga from animal print fabric. Cut the edges into jagged points. Carry a club.

24. Bobby Soxer

A poodle skirt is easy to make from a large piece of felt. Cut a large circle, and then cut out the waist to fit. Sew elastic to the inside of the waist, and hem the bottom. Then make the poodle (or any other shape) out of felt, and glue to the skirt with fabric glue. Use pompoms and rickrack to decorate. Wear with a simple blouse, a scarf around the neck, saddle shoes, and white socks, and pull your hair into a ponytail.

25. Flapper

Begin with a basic shift dress, and use fabric glue to attach fringe in layers, or you can simply wear a pretty slip and a string of fake pearls. To make the flapper headpiece, cut a length of sequined elastic to fit snugly around your head, then stitch the ends together. Use craft glue to add a feather. Finish the costume with fishnet stockings and heels.

26. Tourist

Wear a tacky, Hawaiian print shirt, khaki shorts, sandals with socks, sunglasses, and a camera around your neck.

27. Beauty Pageant Queen

Make a sash from satin, and use glitter paint to write your title on the sash. Wear an old formal or prom dress and a tiara (or make your own crown from cardboard and plastic jewels). Carry a bouquet of fake roses.

28. Jailbird

Paint white stripes on a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. Make a ball and chain by wrapping bunched-up newspaper in papier mache or plaster of paris strips and painting it black when it dries, then use strips of cardboard (painted black) for the chain.

29. Rag Doll

Wear old, baggy clothes and striped tights. Stitch or safety pin squares of rags to your costume for patches. Make two long braids from red yarn and sew to the inside of an old hat.

30. Scarecrow

Wear a flannel shirt and overalls, and stuff the ends of the sleeves and pant legs with straw. Top with an old porkpie hat.

31. Swashbuckler or Pirate

Wear tight black pants tucked into black boots and a white, peasant-style top. Make a cape by wrapping any fabric around your shoulders and pinning with an old brooch. Cut cardboard into a sword and spray paint it or wrap in tin foil.

32. Gypsy

Wear layered, colorful, flowing garments. Tie a scarf around your hair, and wear large hoop earrings, jangly bracelets, and a chunky costume necklace. Carry a deck of cards to tell fortunes.

33. Mermaid

Begin with nude-colored leotard and fishnet tights. Wrap a long piece of shimmery material around your waist---it should trail on the floor behind you---and stitch it together in the front. Cut the fabric that trails on the floor into a fish-tail. If you can find two large plastic shells, use low-temp hot glue to attach these over your leotard. If not, then cut shell shapes out of the same shimmery fabric. Accessorize with plastic seaweed (the kind used in fish tanks) and fishnet.

34. Bellydancer

Add sequined elastic, fringe, and beads to an existing bra or bikini top. Wear a coordinating skirt and sandals.

35. Hula Dancer

A grass skirt is easy to make! At a craft store, purchase green and brown raffia, and staple it in bunches to a long strip of fabric. Wear a brightly colored, flowered bathing suit, and wrap the grass skirt around your waist. String fake flowers to make a lei.

36. Cabaret Dancer

Wear a black leotard, fishnet tights, and heels. Make a showgirl-style headpiece by cutting a half circle from cardboard. Attach this firmly to a headband with masking tape. Paint the entire half circle (front and back) black, and cover with black glitter. Hot glue three long peacock feathers to the back of the half-circle. Don’t forget the red lipstick!

37. Superhero

Wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt in your superhero’s colors (or make up your own superhero). Make the superhero’s logo from felt, and glue it to the sweatshirt. Make an easy cape by wrapping a piece of fabric around your shoulders; hold it together with safety pins.

38. Clown

Wear bright, oversized clothes, like plaid pants, a striped shirt, suspenders, and a large bowtie. Look in thrift stores for a pair of shoes that is way too big, then put one of your own pair of shoes inside the oversized pair so that you can wear them without falling over. Clown costumes can also be made from old band or baton twirler costumes, western wear, and secondhand suits (think hobo!). See the Rag Doll directions on how to make a yarn wig.

39. Jack-in-the-box

Cut armholes and legholes from a large box, and decorate the box to look like a jack-in-the-box. Leave the top of the box completely open, and make “suspenders” for the box by cutting long strips of bright fabric and stapling them firmly. Attach large pompoms to a long-sleeved, brightly colored shirt and wear striped leggings or tights. Add a jester’s hat and clown makeup.

40. Robot

Use a large box, and cut arm, leg, and neck holes. Spray paint the box silver, and use pipe cleaners, wire, and tin foil to make dials and other robot parts. Make a tin foil hat, and add wires for antennae.

41. Television

Cut out the front of the box to make a television screen. Cut a neck hole in the bottom of the box, and wear the box on your head. Use pipe cleaners to make antennae. Dress as a newscaster and carry a microphone to be a “talking head”.

42. Lego Piece

Take two circular cardboard boxes (you can find these in a craft or hobby store), and attach them with masking tape to the large box. Cut holes for your arms, legs, and neck, and spray paint the entire box a bright color.

43. Gift

Cover a large box in wrapping paper, and add a large bow (or wear the bow on your head). Cut holes for your arms, legs, and neck.

44. Animal in a Pet Store

Start with any animal costume, like a cat or a dog. Using a craft knife, carefully cut strips out of a large refrigerator box to create a cage. Cut leg holes out of the bottom, and spray paint the entire box metallic silver. Attach a sign to the “cage” that says “Kittens 4 Sale” or “Puppies 4 Sale”.

45. Bug Caught In Spider’s Web

Start with your desired insect costume. Make a large web by tying and knotting white rope or yarn. Attach this web to the back of your costume---make sure to attach it to your arms and legs so that you seem stuck in the web.

46. Person Taking a Bath

Cut leg holes in a large, plastic tub. Glue cotton balls (for bubbles) all around the top of the tub, and attach a small rubber ducky to the side. Wear a nude-colored leotard and tights and a shower cap, and carry a scrub brush.

47. Playing Card

Take two large pieces of poster board. Set the two pieces on top of each other and punch one hole about six inches from both corners. Use heavy yarn, rope, or fabric to tie the two pieces of poster board together. Paint both sides of a sandwich board to look like a playing card, such as the Queen of Hearts (add a crown and wear red underneath) or a Joker (add a jester’s hat and wear brightly colored clothes).

48. Clock

Follow the directions for the playing card, only cut the two pieces of poster board into circles and paint to look like a clock’s face. You could also add movable hour and minute hands by cutting these shapes out of additional poster board and attaching in the center. Wear brown or black clothes underneath.

49. Fried Egg or Deviled Egg

Begin with a white sheet, and paint a large yellow circle in the center (or glue on a circle from yellow felt). Cut holes for your arms and neck. Add horns and a pitchfork to be a deviled egg.

50. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Take a brown or red sheet, and use fabric glue to stick on large red or brown pompoms (for the meatballs). Cut holes for your arms and neck. The stringy part of a mop (a new one) becomes the spaghetti---using low-temp hot glue, attach it to the inside of a plastic bowl, and wear the bowl on your head.

Group costumes:

(numbers take to long)

spa girl.

Ancient Egyptians and mummies.

cows and milk maids (may be embarcing i guess or funny..)

M n M%26#039;s (it would be kewl if u actually had some m n m%26#039;s wit u )

the Flintstones

The adam%26#039;s family

old school 70%26#039;s basketball team

Village People

The Simpsons

door to door salesmen (lol)

Wizard of Oz

prisoners chained to each other

Fred, Shaggy and the gang of Scooby Doo

group of %26#039;80s flick horror film murders; freddy krueger, jason voorhees, Halloween guy, texas chainsaw guy, etc....THE SCREAM TEAM!!


flight attendents



One of you could be a babysitter and the rest %26quot;babys%26quot;

Fanta Girls



plug and socket

dead cheerleaders

chess peices

pirates of the carribean

Bacon %26amp; Eggs

Traffic Lights

Fork and Spoon


cards (hearts , diamonds ,spades, clubs.)

girl sailors


dukes of harrards

looney tunes

justice legue

go-go girls


hair stylists

one of you be a rock star the rest have cameras and all




the jetsons

beauty queens ( everyone with a differant state)


the incredibles

cruela deavil ( 101 dalmations get some people to be a dalemation and someone to be cruela deavil)

prom queen ( rly only for one but...have people take some pictures of u..)

Homemade halloween costumes ideas (look or else) muhaha!?
Wow, girl, you went to a bunch for work for all that. Someone%26#039;s gotta get an ides or two from what you%26#039;re puttin%26#039; down here. Bravo.

Q: have you been any of these characters?...come can tell us...we can keep a secret
Reply:Wow, exactly what I am looking for!! thanx ROCK!! Report It

Reply:Thank you dear!
Reply:There are some really good ideas there, thanks :)
Reply:I think your better off putting a pot on your head and carrying a bag with white powder inside.
Reply:Dress up as a cow and let others mount you
Reply:dress up like a guy humping a bear like on SuperTroopers


How can I convince a risk averse, freaked out wife that I can be safe buying and riding a motorcycle?

For the past several months I have been researching buying a motorcycle. I have taken and passed my learning licese and plan on taking a safety course. I have picked out to purchase the plated jacket, full face helmet and reinforced riding boots. I%26#039;ve read the statisitcs on the main causes of motorcycle accidents and the majority are do to driver error or stupidity.

I%26#039;ve tried to explain these things to my wife but she says she will never believe they are safe and that the greatest way to increase safety is rider awareness and safety. In other answers I%26#039;ve read the suggestion to have her ride with me or to eventually get her one too, but that will NEVER happen.

What can I do or what stats/information can I show her to ease her mind that I am not strapping myself to an electric chair?

Thanks, CPD

How can I convince a risk averse, freaked out wife that I can be safe buying and riding a motorcycle?
Here%26#039;s what I tell my wife:

On a motorcycle, you have fewer distractions than in a car. No stereo (at least on my bike :) no food, no fumbling for crap in the back seat, no yammering on the phone, no talking to your passengers. Two goals... ride the bike... don%26#039;t die.

You sit higher than most vehicles on the road. You can see clear over most cars.

Because you have less mass, you can accelerate faster, stop better, and out-handle anything on 4 wheels (mostly).

As far as you are concerned, if you%26#039;ve taken the MSF course, and apply their defensive driving skills, the odds of avoiding an accident will likely be in your favor.

If you do a lot of freeway driving (like me), you get an added bonus. The freeways are the safest place for motorcycles. Everyone is going the same direction, and the only difference is speed. It%26#039;s really hard to get into major trouble on the freeway unless you are acting stupid or totally spacing out.

Incidentally, I would try to avoid some of the obvious corrolaries to these statements, if you can, as they might work against you!
Reply:In a way she%26#039;s right, who%26#039;s to blame for an accident is academic...the issue is that the motorcyclist is always more vulnerable than the motorist and will therefore by definition suffer greater injuries in an accident.

That said of just live with that risk and get a bike anyway because it%26#039;s worth the risk.

I think you should just buy it and tell her to live with it also....I don%26#039;t think there is any amount of logical explaining that will convince her.

I%26#039;d like to see my husband trying to get my approval before he did something he wanted to do but I know it just ain%26#039;t gonna happen any time soon.

Enjoy the ride........I do.
Reply:There%26#039;s probably nothing you can do to change her mind. And ultimately, she%26#039;s right.

You have control over some groups of accidents. You can choose to never drink and ride (not even a single beer). You can drive in a safe fashion (avoid excessive speeds, for instance). You can become quite good at positioning yourself properly in traffic and always having an %26quot;out%26quot;.

But there%26#039;s nothing you can do about the other idiots on the road.

I ride a motorcycle. I%26#039;ve been hit once. A young driver changed lanes to run a yellow-turning-red stop light. He changed from the right lane to the left lane in order to pass the car in front of him, who was stopping. The light was so red that I almost cleared the intersection (from a stop) before he hit me. Luckily for me, I saw him with enough time to twist full throttle and he missed my leg, catching only the back portion of the bike. I walked away bruised and battered, but not broken.

He never touched his brakes until after he hit me.

I%26#039;ve had people look at me -- eye contact -- and then begin lane changes into me.

I%26#039;ve had numerous people pull right turns from the left lane or left turns from the right lane, and the only thing that has prevented my getting squished is that I saw them driving oddly and didn%26#039;t trust them.

I%26#039;ve had to hop onto the shoulder or onto the lane divider lines to avoid cars that weren%26#039;t stopping fast enough, that would have smooshed me from behind. Sometimes those same drivers then don%26#039;t even want to let me have my old place back.

On a motorcycle, accidents ARE going to happen, and no matter what gear you wear, you ARE going to get hurt. Maybe you%26#039;ll only get hurt a little bit. But you have absolutely no protection.

Your wife is right to be worried, and you won%26#039;t change her mind.

I still ride.
Reply:I would not push it mate, I%26#039;d rather her than the bike, and it sounds like you%26#039;re almost there already. You have responsibilities, and you should not endanger them by needlessly endangering your life. It won%26#039;t be your mistake, it%26#039;ll be someone else%26#039;s, someone blind, stupid or drunk, and your family needs you alive and unharmed. Make the sacrifice willingly, she%26#039;ll appreciate it. Mine did.
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t matter how careful, experienced, brave, wise, etc you;re not going to win against the wife.

Coincidentally, none of those matter on a motorcycle either, because there are just too many drivers with the exact opposite characteristics.
Reply:Buy the bike. Ride the bike.

Take a safety course, and then take it again and then take another one. Make sure that you know what you%26#039;re doing. Riding a motorcycle is, or should be, 80% skill mixed with paranoid hypervigilance and, if you%26#039;re lucky, 20% pure exhilaration.

It%26#039;s your responsibilty to do your best to minimize the objective dangers and to show your wife that you not only take her seriously, but that you also take riding a motorcycle seriously.

She may ultimately come around to your side or she may not. There%26#039;s no gauranteed way to convince your wife that motorcycles are safe, because they aren%26#039;t!

Only a fool would think that: riding around on a two wheeled, high horsepower conveyance in traffic wherein the drivers of the other vehicles are usually paying less attention to driving than they are to the radio/cell phone/make-up/kids/sunset/etc, protected by only robust clothing and an air of invincibility, is a safe pastime.

Most motorcycle accidents are the result of a combination of factors, including driver error, inattention, %26#039;the other guy%26#039;, poor riding technique, weather and road conditions and sheer bad luck. Of these circumstances you can only reasonably be expected to control 2, and even then not all of the time.

Motorcycle riding is an inherently dangerous activity that exposes you to a significantly higher risk of serious injury or death than any other commonly sanctioned road legal enterprise. You should understand this fact, and understand that your wife has at least some basis for her concern.

Ride if you want to, it%26#039;s a greatly rewarding way to spend your spare time, or even become your main mode of transportation, but understand and believe, that getting on a motorcycle raises the stakes that it may be the last thing you do when you leave home in the morning.

Good Luck.

In the interests of public disclosure.... I currently own and ride three bikes ranging in size from 350 to 750, slow to VERY fast. I%26#039;ve been riding motorcycles for the last 35yrs and I%26#039;m a certified MSF rider-coach teaching riding classes on a regular basis.
Reply:It%26#039;s not like you%26#039;re going out there and engaging in some of those extreme sprots, freehand climbing sheer granite walls, skydiving, becoming a trapeze artist, swallowing swords, driving nails up your nose, etc.

Every time you or her go out in the car, statistically there%26#039;s the chance you could be involved in an accident or even killed. Statistically it%26#039;s also possible for you to be accidently shot in a drive by shooting. Everytime she blow dries her hair at the sink, statistically she could electrocute herself. In fact, she could slip on a grape in the produce isle and crack her skull open. Does she drive a SUV? If so, you know how roll over prone those things better insist she trade it for a minivan...with imitation woodgrain on the side to boot. There isn%26#039;t a day that goes by where statistically you could be injured or killed. Agreed, the chances of being injured or killed while skydiving is going to be greater than playing bingo, but you must also remember that some of those old bingo ladies take their game seriously.

Is she really that concerned about you becoming a statistic? Are you accident prone and have broken your leg rolling over in bed? If so, then you better listen to her. Or is it that she just doesn%26#039;t want you having any enjoyment in life? Does she figure you%26#039;ll be out with the boys while she%26#039;s home with the kids? Is it that way already? Or is she the one out gadding around while you%26#039;re the one at home with the kids and cleaning house? Can you actually afford a bike? Or are you bi-polar and this is yet another passing fancy that%26#039;ll get you two into financial trouble?

I%26#039;m speaking from experience. My ex was the bi-polar who blew money on one fad after another while I raised the kids and cleaned house. And she didn%26#039;t want me going on bike trips with my buddies either....of course it was ok for her to go on cruises, etc.

If she is truly concerned about your safety, you can tell her that as long as you%26#039;re alert, your chances of being in an accident are slim and in a dangerous one very, very slim. Tell her that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Better yet, tell her that all play for her and all work for Jack makes Jack resentful and there%26#039;s a greater chance of her loosing you that way than from your bike being run over by a Kenworth.
Reply:buy the most uncool looking bright yellow glow in the dark riding jacket you can find

show her that it would be impossible for anyone not to see you wearing this monster jacket.

combine it with the ugliest bright yellow gloves you can find.

Reply:there is nothing you can do friend. you cant change her mind. so compromise and get a dirt bike.
Reply:Well, I rode them for a couple of years as well, right up until the truck turned in front of me and it almost cost me my life. I would not own a bike if I lived any where near a populated area. People just do not pay any attention to a bike these days. Any rider who has been on a bike for many years will have his or her own horror story, I just finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to see my kids grow up more than I wanted to enjoy the bike. Sorry, I agree with her!
Reply:Million dollar life insurance policy on you, naming your wife as the sole beneficiary.
Reply:Tell her that you%26#039;ll always wear DOT approved safety gear, and take motorcycle safety classes. worked on mine
Reply:I have been riding for over 30 years, and I have my own stats, from observation, if you get 2 years under your belt without an accident, you will probably be one of the most defensive drivers around and have a good chance of not having an accident, horror stories I got being a paramedic for 20 yrs retired and seeing for myself. Your wife knows you better than I do, but I know bikers, and none of my friends would have even asked for her opinion. If you arn%26#039;t single, or have an attitude like that, don%26#039;t get the scoot.
Reply:You will never convince her it%26#039;s safe, because it isn%26#039;t. If you want to ride be a man and buy the bike. If she doesn%26#039;t like it she knows where the door is.
Reply:motorcycles are not safe never have been never will be.

Good luck, be safe, have fun, etc.